Womens minds during a blowob?

title is pretty self-explanatory. what are girls thinking when they are giving a guy a bj? im a guy btw, but im curious.

Answer #1

… I’m usually thinking about how hot he is,(I love to hear him moan!) what move can I try next that will blow his mind… is he enjoying himself… thinking about what he might be thinking about lol

xox SIka

Answer #2

I be thinking asking myself if he likes it or not, too. But most guys don’t make a sound. Or if you catch a glimpse of the guy he almost always has his head laid back, but it’s sometimes hard to look up while you are pleasuring him. Or sometimes I be thinking when is he going to cum ,why is it taking so long my jaws are starting to hurt and I am getting tired. and I really hate it when a guy gets ready to cum and he starts pushing the girls head down on his penis, it feels hard to breathe when they do that.

Answer #3

Im thinking if he likes or not or sumtyms when im bored of it im thinking what im going to wear to school the next day

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