Is there any women violence against women in USA?

Answer #1

All you have to do is watch USA, cops on TV, from that you would think the women here love to pull one another’s hair out.

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Answer #3

ya there r many .. in most of the time i have seen male treat the women well than other women in superior position .

few years back there were issues when a house wife was arrested on false info . and as she resisted arrest the women cops told they have been informed the she is carrrying dr-gs so they have to search her . the lady was stripped naked for strip search in the street ….

women mu-ders other women as a crime of passion ( possive ness )

raging in coll r worse whent it is led by another women … some time when the freshers resist to something they r beaten till they bleed….. there r many issues where women outstand men

Answer #4

I heard about that, but this kind of stuff happens all the time, and from what I have seen, it is much worse for the men. I remember before I was married, I dated this one girl for about a week, she had a horrible temper. After she hit me with a cast iron pan and bloodied my eye, I told her to leave and not come back. I don’t hit women, but I will be d*me is I am going to hang around when one wants to hit me.

Answer #5

Where are you from, yall don’t have the girl fights there?

Answer #6

sure we have on last thursday there was a huge girl fight at my school ! ( it was kinda interesting to watch) :D

Answer #7

LOL, well girl fights are cool till the girls get to big.

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