What women here find facial hair attractive on a guy?

Answer #1

I kinda don’t like it. A little bit is okay I guess but I don’t like a whole lot. Not like how Brad Pitt has his facial hair now lol

Answer #2

yeah i dont really like facial hair on a guy, but some simple stubles fine

Answer #3

I don’t mind a tad bit of stubble, but I make my man keep that little patch of hair right under his bottom lip. Not sure what it’s called, but mmmm buddies I find it sexy :)

Answer #4

i like chin straps or a bit of scruffyness if there like 18 but other than that i like it smooth

Answer #5

I like it as long as it’s not too long, just neatly trimmed.

Answer #6

I’ll take the rugged look but a huge beard or mustache, not really.

Answer #7

i think it depends on their face.

Answer #8

depends on di person…some ppl suit it some ppl don’t =]

Answer #9

he actually just shaved it off….. i saw it on e news

Answer #10

my guy cant have a mustache!!! i dont like those lol

Answer #11

Personally I don’t like any hair ANYWHERE. lol

Answer #12

I think its cute but I dont like the pricklyness lol

Answer #13

I like the nicely trimed ones lol

Answer #14

I think a little scruff is good looking but it also kinda hurts.

Answer #15

Ewwww i doo notttt like facial hair on a guy or girl haha if a guy has like a mustache it is like a ferret on ur face when ur kissing him…

Answer #16

I like how Joe Jonas has it NOW not in Jonas Brothers days. If its more than that… no thank you..

Answer #17

soul patch.

Answer #18

Me…I love my husband’s goatee….I’ve never seen him with out facial hair…he keeps it very neatly trimmed, at all times. I don’t like those shaggy beards.

Answer #19

i dont like it. I hate when my boyfriend doesnt shave. Its not tidy and it scratches!

Answer #20

I really like the way a chin strap looks on like a 17-20 year old guy but no mustach or beard.

Answer #21

I love it, it’s so sexaay! Soul patches are cute, chin straps, or goatees. Long ass beards, though are just, blah. Yuck, I dont want a biker rapist. Only ZZ Tops can pull that off. :)

Answer #22

Sooooo, you like facial hair on a girl? =P

Answer #23

I likes the gruff look :)

Answer #24

I’m a fan of the 5 o’clock shadow! I love rubbing against the stubble! Sexy!

Answer #25

This just in! Brad Pitt has shaved off his beard!

Answer #26

I like facial hair… when they shave it I feel like I’m with a little boy lol.

Answer #27

free mustache rides on the flavor saver haha..

Answer #28

lol im not add!cted to celebrity gossip i SWEAR!!!!! Lol :D

Answer #29

Really? Thank god! It seemed he was trying to make himself unattractive on purpose

Answer #30

lol it was for a movie….

Answer #31

Totally agree with that haha

Answer #32

i dont like them especially wierd ass mustaches haha

Answer #33

Yeah, my bf has to shave cuz he’s in the army… I swear he looks 12… look at my pictures.. he looks 12!

Answer #34

I love my husbands chin strap. I find it very attractive.

Answer #35

I like it as long as theres not too much

Answer #36

Haha my husband is about to be 23 and has a chin strap. I love it. Without it he looks really young. I have some pics of him with his chin strap.

Answer #37

yeah thats true too it also depends on the person.

Answer #38

I always said i didnt then i met someone and he did have a bear but he shaved it of for me. then while i was gone home for like 3 weeks i come back and he had a bear again but it doesnt bother me that much cauz i love him lol

Answer #39

depends on the guys looks. i personaly like the 5 o’ clock shadow

Answer #40

depends on the guys looks. i personaly like the 5 o’ clock shadow

Answer #41

im wit the 5 oclock shadow

Answer #42

I like chin straps but more like Nikki Sixx’s his goes under his chin & soul patches….I HATE MUSTACHES!!!!!! except for the thing Sixx hand going on….but that’s IT!

Answer #43

a 5’oclock shadow is really hott but mustaches a and beards are just gross to me

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