Women and Orgasims

How does a woman know when she is having a orgasim?

Answer #1

OK first off, not all women scream at the top of their lungs, that is just a porrn effect. The contraction of the vag!na is one sign, and she does get very wet. She might become very clingy to you, wrapping around your body. Just a tip-when a woman comes, don’t stop or slow down- continue to do your same pace and strength until she has stopped- sometimes the orgasim can last for a long time

Answer #2

when a women has an orgasim she might twitch a little…then shake while her vagina hole becomes tighter and her breathing habbits spead up and her moaning comes to an end…..

Answer #3

ok… when a woman has an orgasm, she will most likely scream at the top of her lungs… and a fluid will excrete out of her vagina. This is called Female Cum. she will be breathing VERY heavy.. and will be loving EVERY minute of it!!! HAVE FUN!!!

Answer #4

If you want your lady to have intense multiple orgasims you need to treat her nice. Clean and run a hot tub. Shave her legs and armpits while she is in the tub (using an bowl for the cuttings) then run the shower and wash her down spending ample time on the genital area. Then dry her off and take her to bed. Sit her on the edge with her legs supported a couple of chairs and give her mons venus a bikini cut. Don’t shave her bare or the itch can drive her crazy.Also you neeed to have pubic hair to keep the area clean. Wash her with a facecloth. Then lay her on her stomach and give her an incredible massage (slip into her for a few seconds every once and awhile letting her control the speed and depth) Purchase a Hitachi Magic Wand and after the massage with a great oil and she is hanging and oohing and ahhing every time you touch her, slip the wand under her onto the clit and watch what happens. If you have the self-control you can let her have 4-8 orgasims with you massing her feet and legs. Then let her rest without the wand just massing and loving on her. After 15 minutes or so she’ll be ready for a few more. Once they are over , roll her over and bring her to the edge of the bed and you will have the ride of your life. You can put her in any position you want and drive as deep as you want because she will be totally relaxed and open. Make sure you have your windows closed and some good continuous music on. When your done cuming get a facecloth and bowl and clean her. She will fall asleep in your arms. After and hour or two you can do it it all over again only you’ll not get as many orgasims but they will be intense.

Answer #5

When somebody has a orgasm that means they are happy don worry

Answer #6

im still confused if a girl ograsims dose she tence up and squirt fluid or just she just get very wet and tence up

Answer #7

I want to know when a girl orgasim’s dose she squirt all that fluide or will it just become wet and she will tence up

Answer #8

If you want to know if a women is really having an orgasim just reach round to her bum and gently press on her anus if you feel an involuntary and regular contraction you know it is the real deal.

Answer #9

get inforamtion from the internet oral and g spot, if you do it together, you be amaze how well she get orgasm, trust me on that, my husband do not do that to me, so I am so very lacking, so I had to take care of myself, my fingers will do the jobs, better then nothing…

Answer #10

im confused as I dont no if I orgasim .. I do get tense and want him to keep going but its a weird feeling im not a pro at having sex and it is different with different men .. im a bit nervus to have sex with my boyfriend as hes in prison and when he comes out I dont want to diapoint him. any help?

Answer #11

she feel great pleasure.and relax

Answer #12

All your comments luks gud but my opinion to satisfy a girl is very eazy me and my lover girlfriend at 1st I dont use to finger her I just keep my hand in vagina dont want to insert thn slowly go down and give slow air to vaginal opening thn dont touch but touch very lightly for 15 mins thn the white automatically flow flow flow lot after that also you dont touch just you keep finer in clitoris and take thn finally she cant control and giv sum sound and bite you thn she itself keep you are hand tighten and insert ter this position d most lovaable in my kife we having sex for 45 mins amazing iam 22 shes 18

Answer #13

Well,just to let you konw,I’m 41 nex month but my vaginal orgasm came & came, my best records are 11 times…it’s a great feeling & I love it,doing it my boy friend, he is younger than me but his pilot know to find my g-spot in my vaginal…yeah & I wet a lot…so I hope all you guys out there..give your gals more vaginal orgasm & she will love it…cheers

Answer #14

ok my girl dosent scream but she does go very clingy and down there starts twitching and she cant stand up after wards cause her legs are shaking but cause she is always slient when we have sex does that mean she is not satisvaisd

Answer #15

well, im a young guy that regularly gives my girlfriend multiple orgasms. I can usually do it with my hand, because she likes it rough. I start by fingering her, and touching the sensetive skin on the inside of her treasure box. She will start moaning, and then I will rub intensely. Next thing I know, she is screaming as loud as possible, and her neighbors dog starts barking. She doesnt reallly shake, but she tenses up, and we end up having to change her sheets everytime, because they are alwaysw soaked. my advice is talk to her about what she likes, but not too much, because then she will tell you to shut up.

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