Woman on "Britains got talent"

So, there is a woman who could sing pretty good on britains got talent and everyone was SHOCKED… because of the way she looked? I honestly didn’t think much of it until one of the broadcasters said something along the lines of just basically saying she was ugly.. I don’t get it… What does this teach people my age or younger? Knowing that basically you’ll never make it or have a chance in a business if they don’t have looks. It really bothered me. a lot of people have talent like this, but they’re looked down upon because of their looks? That doesn’t make since. I know this has gone on for a lonnggg time. But why bring it to the media? It’s ridiculous.

Answer #1

Unfortunately that’s one of the cruel messages put out in today’s society…sad.

Answer #2

Me too, I didnt think she’d be able to sing but when she started singing and everyone was like whoaaa ! I was sooo happy for her because everyone was being really mean to her. and she showed them all ;) It just shows that anyone can do anything :D even if they dont look like they can xx

Answer #3

its sooo stupid. I was watching that live b/c im from ireland… I was totally shocked not at how she looked but she was so cocky and I thought she cudnt sing but I was amazed at what I heard.. and her name is susan boyle…

you should look at utube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6GrOMLylvhQ this is an amazing dance act. absolutely worth a watch.!

Answer #4

What it ought to teach YOU, and all people of ALL ages…never judge a book by it’s cover…beauty is only skin deep…beauty is as beauty does…etc etc etc..


Answer #5

I must say I was one of the people who laughed their heads off when she first came on stage, then she sang and a just giggled, now am pleased for her to be so strong about how she is. I do think everyone is jumping the gun and saying she is going to win because to be honest, she was good and thats it in my opinion lol

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