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Woman in the mens locker room

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Last night like every night I go to the local college to swim laps.before the pool is opened to the public they have a swim class for 5-6 years of the rules for this is the child must be able change him or herself in the same gender lockeroom.well my 2 friends and I were getting dressed just when the kids were finishing up dressing from their class.2 boys were clowning around refusing to get dressed the mother would open the lockeroom door a crack and yell for them to hurry.then she said if your not dressed in the next 1 min. I am coming in.she was good on her word and came in .me and my buddies were totally nude when she came in and she made sure she stared enough at the 3 of us and her eyes were aimed right at our dangly parts she proceeded to finishing dressing her kids and I yelled lady this is a mens lockeroom get out!!! She just said cover up or leave.why should we?? This is our domain if I went into a girls lockeroom to help my daughter I would be sitting in jail.we reported this to the pool supervisor she just laughed and said she got a free show.can you imagine if it was the other way around and women reporting a man??? What do you think are men being discriminated???