wishing on a falling star?

has anyone ever wished on a falling star and had that wish come true?

last Sunday night I saw a shooting star- made the wish that a better job would come along- Thursday- got a great job offer.

I know wishing dwells in the realm of coincidence, but I just thought it was really cool. and I have wished on many shooting stars that nothing ever happened.

has anyone else ever had this “coincidence” happen to them as well?

Answer #1

I wished on a star before also I wished I can get more friends and I did the next day also I just wished last night that you would be my friend and we are agian yay

Answer #2

Yes I have many times actually. When my dad went to Iraq I and had been there for about 10 months I saw a wishing star, I wished upon it that he would be safe, and within about a month he got to come home. They didn’t give him a reason they just said they no longer needed his help, and he told us a story about how a bomb hit his truck broke the windshield and all and he didn’t have one scratch, and it was the same night I made that wish..

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