How can I tell my teammate she stinks at tennis?

Ok well I have a friend and well she is on the tennis team with me, and just to let you know she STINKS, I mean really, so how do I tell her that she stinks without hurting her feelings?

Answer #1

ooo then its tough, maybe you should muck around with some friend one day and start spraying deo around her and spray her just for laughs. So you dont ahve to smell her. Or you could be honest and just say look i dont want to hurt your feelings but you need to change your deo to a stronger one cos i heard people talking about you, so you dont look like the bad guy.

Answer #2

If she has a good sense of humour then why not joke about it and get your point across that way.

Answer #3

that would be a good way but she doesnt have a sense of humor at all

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