Will my little girl ever meet Miley Cyrus?

my 6year old hase a birthday on march 23 o8 and the one thing she wontes is to meet miley cyris and the cast of hannah montani and walk around the sate

Answer #1

It probley wont happen, sorry to bum you out. So many people are obsessed with Miley Cyrus to the point where they don’t even read the mail anymore I don’t think. She gets so many letters everyday she wouldn’t even have time to read them all. I wouldn’t really blame Miley though, its her staff that decide.

Answer #2

Well, your little girl might indeed one day get to meet Miley Cyrus. But most likely it would be when Miley is older and not anywhere near as famous as she is now - definitely long after Hannah Montanna goes off the air. When kids are little, they always dream of meeting their favourite celebrity or idol. And for most, it is a dream that is never realized.

Answer #3

Yea don’t even try my aunt tried getting my little cousin to just go on the set she was willing to pay any amount of money (btw my little cousin has lucemia I don’t know how to spell it) and my aunt wrote about 150 letters not one was anwered and they never called that company wouldn’t even give my aunt the time of day and don’t even try to get miley cyrus you know how stuck up that girl seems sorry for this bad news but its the truth

Answer #4

my little girl will be 7 on easter sunday and she is having a skating sleep over party on friday for her birthday she is in the frist frist grade and she is have a hannah montana miley cyris praty so she told some of her friends and one of the little girls start a roomer that miley cyris was coming to her birthday praty win she told her friends she has hannah crad bord cut out nowing she wish it was hannah we live in michigan and she say some day we can go to la so she can meet miley and hang out with her for a day what should I tell her to do so the roomers can stop she is realy said about the roomer thanks jjm.savannah mom

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