Will it last ?

I think about this girl all the time she is amazing il do anything just 2 see her … I talk to her all day everyday she is my bestfriend and girlfriend .. She is always here for me and she respects me .. My feelings for her will last foreverr I wannt to marry this girl shes the one for me … But the thing is were in high school an she is a senior and im a junior.. And yea im afraid I will lose her when she goes off to college … Think we will stay together?

Answer #1

if you keep in touch and call each other and go out I bet it’ll last. it depends on how far the college is though.

Answer #2

wow, that is so tough. separation in a relationship, especially at your age could be detrimental to a relationship. If you have any doubts in your mind that the relationship wont stay together, id worry. And id especially worry if your girlfriend is giving you hints that she may want to break up or take some time off from dating. The best thing you can do is ask your girl what she wants. if you love her, you can respect what will make the transition from high school to college easy for her. It may mean not ending the relationship but cooling it down a bit and then seeing one another only during breaks. If you talk it out with her, I am sure it will turn out fine!

Answer #3

this guy I used to like was in the same situation. she went off to college in florida (were in michigan) and they lasted the whole school year when she was gone! they did end up breaking up but it was him that broke up with her because of the distance… but they had been together for two years prior to her move.

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