Will ecstacy kill me?

Will doing ex every day kill me?

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Naw, course not. Hey, want to grab a gun, put it to your head, then pull the trigger? That won’t kill you either!

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First of all, ever try researching? Most people get on this website without even trying that. And second of all, esctacy is bad for you. Why would you place your life in danger just trying out something that makes you feel “good”. Someday when you die do you want to have perished the world by DRUGS? Seriously. Stop it now.

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I take it once every two weeks and have been for 2 years, Not ever had a bad trip or anything happen to me at all :0

And I have never been depressed for days like some people say occures after comming down off your trip, But then again maby im just really lucky? Who knows

Research the drug you use before you try it.

And don’t to it every day.. that will kill you, yes. Space your rolls

Answer #4

One Ecstacy tablet can kill you… Please go seek some help.

A young girl in my town died from drinking too much water due to taking an esctasy tablet.

I CAN GUARANTEE that any tablet you take is mixed with substances you have no idea about. They aren’t just pure MDMA, they are mixed with heroin, speed and all sorts of chemicals, including detergents.

Ecstacy uses up all your natural happy chemical, called seratonin. Eventually you’ll suffer from severe depression thats if they don’t kill you first.

Been there done it, so I do know what I’m talking about. Regret everything I done concerning drugs. Please don’t go there. They take over your life and its downhill all the way after that.

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Dear lana17,

The risks: As the drug kicks in, users may experience an initial rush of nervousness, and uncertainty, a tightening of the jaw, increase heart rate, sweating, and nausea. This is sometimes known as ‘coming up’; Some users have reported a bad experience on ecstasy, including feelings of paranoia and confusion; Much depends on the content of the drug and the user’s state of mind at the time.
Ecstasy effects the body’s natural thermostat. Dancing for long periods in a hot pace such as a club increases the chances of users overheating and/or dehydrating; Drinking too much can be dangerous or even fatal. Ecstasy can cause the body to release a hormone that prevents the production of urine, so if you drink a lot too quickly, it interferes with your body’s salt balance which can be just as deadly as not drinking enough water; Taking ecstasy may leave women susceptible to cystitis and thrush; Men report difficulties in attaining an erection or orgasm while on ecstasy; After the effects have subsided, users can feel tired and depressed for days; There is some debate into to the long term psychological effects of ecstasy use, including links to possible brain damage; There may be other ingredients in an E that could produce unexpected and negative side effects; Anyone with a heart condition, blood pressure problems, epilepsy or asthma can have a dangerous reaction to the drug; There have been over 200 ecstasy-related deaths since 1996.

The law: Ecstasy is a Class A drug; It is illegal to reproduce, supply, or possess the drug.

Yes, it can kill you. Sue…good luck

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that question answres itself really know i think it has impacted on your brain aLREADY BY ASKING THAT

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I’m scared!


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I’m scared!


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