Will it help if I wear two rubberbands?

I have braces & I have to wear rubberbands; the ones where they stretch from the bottom teeth & your top teeth. Will it do anything if I wear 2 on each side!? Will they help my teeth move/shift more?

Answer #1

I have braces, I had to wear two at night and it really helped move my teeth a lot but it hurt super bad! But I would’nt wear two if your orthodontist did’nt tell you to.

Answer #2

I thought of this too but you shouldnt do it if your ortho didnt say too..you could ask them I guess. if they wanted your teeth to move faster they would give you a thicker band, they might be having a different idea that you. but I don’t know

Answer #3

my ortho. didn’t say anything about it or anything.. I don’t know. I don’t like wearing 2 anyways, haha. I’m probably going to end up taking them off! thanks a lot though :)

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