Will i loose weight if i do this?

No red meats
No soda
No fast foods
No fried foods
No candy
Drink a cup of water be4 eatting a meal.
Only eatting 1300 caloires a day.
walk on the treadmil for 50 mins.
jog for 10 mins.
do around 10 mins. of weight training.

Im 16 years, 5"2 and weigh around 142.
My goal is to get around to 125. Im hopeing I can do that in about a month.

and tips?...advice?...comments?
do you think I could do it?

thank you!

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ok...these rae ALL good to cut down on!!

No red meats
No soda
No fast foods
No fried foods
No candy

and drinking a glass of water is good before eating a meal (only because the body confuses needing fluids with food)

but 1300 calories in a day with all that exercise won't be good. your body is still growing and it needs calories to do that. any exercise will increase your metabolism automatically. the most important thing is to eat little and often, chooosing the rights foods. but you NEED a varied diet, with a little exercise.

please let your body grow, as long as you exercise (within reason!) and eat well
(as in all the food groups it needs!)

and walk on the treadmil for 50 mins.
jog for 10 mins.
do around 10 mins. of weight training. is a little excessive...

please look after you..being healthy is more important than being thin...x x

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Sounds like a good plan. You don't really need to lift weights after an hour of cardio, if you were to jog more (say about 30 minutes a day) as opposed to walking long distance it would help with weight loss.

ignore the bad advice from coco and penguin

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red meat is not important to eat once a week, you don't need to exercise for an hour a day either you are probably just starting out exercising you dont need to go all out like that at the beginning ease into it.

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this will make you skinnier but very unhealthy, I am anorexic so I know how its feels, ull regret it... plzz don't do it

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Its not a good idea.. if you follow the food guide and drink a lot of water you will be healthy and you could loose wait by doing that and it is healthy for you!

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You could do it. I'd have more than 1300 calories though with all that exercising.

Overall it looks good though!

It just needs a wee bit more calories.

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Yes you will lose weight but you wouldnt b able to move.

you would be EXTREMELY unwell.

plzdnt do that.

you cn achieve a nice figure by just simply doing a fruit,veg and meat diet...a.k.a a healthy diet.

and excerice 2 ;)


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eating what you have on your question list is not quite the ideal thing to do. get a good nutrition progarm (advocare has the best) then lean to eat right. a breakfast 2.5 hrs. a small snake 2.5 hrs. a good lunch (steak, fisf, salid ect.) this is how I lost 7 inches around my wast not including face legs arms ect. goto r4extrme.com or to advocare.com/07071398 and there is more help if you want.

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I saw on tv that you get more hungry if you drink water be4 eating the meal than if you drank with the meal...
If you keep this calorie restricton diet for the rest of your life you'll actually live a lot longer...
Still, your just 16 and your not overwight

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yes and no
if you already eat a lot of fast food and drink soda,
then cutting it out can help you loose weight
if you dont, then it wont do much at all
red meat is important, you need it at least one a week
you probably shouldnt cut that out of your diet
or if you do, eat other meat like chicken or fish
a few more calories would be good
...dont expect to loose it all in a month though,
that would be verey unhealthy
aim for at the very least, 3 months

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I didn't do anything to recieve a bad grade on my answer!

I want to loose weight

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