Will i gain weight from this?

If I binged on something healthy, like cheerios and fat free milk, would I gain any weight?

If it depends on what, I ate I had about 3 bowls. There was about 3 cups of cheerios each, and two to three cups of milk.

But will I gain weight because that was healthy?

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Although Cheerios advertise as healthy,
sugar_cookie is right: Cheerios aren't very healthy.

whole grain cereals, with no added sugar ,and high in fiber are VERY healthy .

however if you eat too much of even healthier foods you will gain weight.

are you trying to gain or lose?

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Cheerios are not healthy! You're better off eating fruits and vegetables.

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not really
you can still gain weight from healthy foods but it depoends...are you trying to gain weight or loose it?!

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