What are some wild songs with crazy bass like the song, "Fly like a G6"?

I’m a competitive dancer & I’m looking for some crazy awesome bass to do some hip hop choreography to! Thanks :)

Answer #1

well that song is pop/r&b so i would suggest: tie me down new boyz she dont want a man asher roth get low lil john say ahh trey songz youre a jerk new boyz bedrock young money sugar flo rida in the ayer flo rida starstrukk 3 oh 3

Answer #2

Thanks! (: I guess pop & r&b works as well lol. I can pretty much dance to anything, just I’d prefer to dance to something hardcore & crazy fast! Lol.

Answer #3

np, i have an account on playlist. com and if you want to look through my playlists for music youre welcomed to the link is http://funadvice.com/r/beshf0vn6ou and i have a few party playlists for a sweet 16/ halloween party so there is alot of dance music there.

Answer #4

if you want to change up genre of it, then listen to Caravan, by RUSH. the bass is crazy towards the end

Answer #5

i would say listen to Swedish House Mafia-One and Swedish House Mafia-Miami to Ibiza :) they both have some bass in it and i’ve seen my friend,who loves dancing,proform to both and they’re both energetic dances.

Answer #6

Thanks sweety !

Answer #7

Sounds great ! Thanks sooo much sweety :)

Answer #8

Thanks bud !

Answer #9

its cool :D

Answer #10

Dj Khaled - All I do is Win Three Six Mafia - Lolli Lolli Lil Boosie - They Dykin’ Rehab - Bump Dj Shawn Davis - Raindrops Dj Trashy - All I ever Wanted Alice In Videoland - Lay Me Down USDA - White Girl 4DL - Tatted Up Mindless Self Indulgence - B!tches Rehab - Drinkin’ Problem Dj Shawn Davis - I Ran Lil Boosie - Wipe me down Hollywood Undead - B!tches Limp Bizkit - My Way Limp Bizkit -Rollin’ Aqua - Candyman

Answer #11

Thanks a bunch ! (:

Answer #12

Im burnt by kurupt and problem. omg that hits in my cousins car.

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