Is the Wii or new PSP worth getting?

is it? seems really fun to me…im thining of either getting that or the new PSP. please reply=)

Answer #1

I say yes. I own them both but I am a serious gamer. I have orginal nintendo, 2 gamecubes, xbox, psp, original playstation, gameboy ds, gameboy advance, gambeboy micro. But I like them all for different reasons. Wii is cool because it goes on the internet and you can play around with your pictures. Plus the games are really interactive and some require a little more than average skills. Now I love the psp because it is portable and I can watch a movie, go online, look at pictures or play a game.

Answer #2

Wel i have a Wii and it is so fun, but the games cost alot, PSP is more portable, they are both fun ( my boyfriend has a PSP ) They both have thier storng ponits, just think would you like a portable game thing , PSP, or a Fun, active gaming system then the WII

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