Wii Games that are fun for girls?

waht are some fun wii games for girls but I dont want them to be lil girl type games so there

also I want something fun and so on and cheap kinda if you no waht I mean

I already have hannah montana high school musical rayman2 wii sports wii play american idol

I kinda want something with fashion but please advise a game and tell me about it and give me a link that tells about it

Answer #1

mario, spyro, super smash bros. brawl, NiGHTS, Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games and Animal Crossing are games that I recommend.

Hope I helped ^-‘

Answer #2

Cooking Mama. Seriously, it is brilliant. For girls and guys.

Answer #3

Paper mario, Tomb Raider Legend, Knights into Dreams, Spyro, Mario cart, wii fitness… there’s tons of great games out there!

xox Sika

Answer #4

Those games are all really gay.


What you should do is get a game that you know is already highly loved, do some research and check some sites. “Girly games” wont do anything for you and there just a stain on the gaming industry.

If your looking for something child appropriate Id get Super mario galaxies.

But if you want hours of fun with friends and just by yourself, get Super Smash Brothers Brawl. That game is AMAZING.

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