ok so my boyfriend asked me to marry him since im bout 2 graduate bt I don't know how ima tell my mom or my drill sargent dad they both treat me like a kid what should I do my boyfriend wants to elope

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It all depends if you want to elope. you could love him but do you really want to get married that way. and do you really want to have to tell everyone AFTER and have to deal with all of that. sounds your about 18 they need to let you go. people who strangle their kids wind up losing them. you need to explain this to them. you should talk to your parents before you decide anything else and hopefully your boyfriend will support you no matter what it end ups to be

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Unless we know your age, we can't properly advise you on the best course of action.

If you are 16, then obviously you will need different opinions than if you were 30

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im 17

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