wierdest dream?

wats the wierdest dream you’ve had?

Answer #1

My weirdest dream is my grandma was travelling on a plane somewhere with a HUGE bag of lipsticks, like about 4 suitcases put together size.

Answer #2

I kinda have lots of weird dreams but I can tell you this one… I was being chased by snakes that wanted to eat me… :O and the best dream was when :D I was in a shop buying Rosalie’s necklace from Twilight :)

Answer #3

Well, I don’t exactly find this weird, but others might for some reason and it’s the most recent one I’ve had so yea I’ll go with it lol I had a dream that I got my tongue pierced. I guess it’s because I love piercings/tattoos. I’m actually thinking of getting some more piercings, but I wasn’t exactly thinking about getting a tounge ring. Hell maybe I will one day who knows with me haha

Answer #4

I had a dream that I gave birth to this indian baby which didnt make sense cause I’m Australian. I tried to give it an Aussie name and make it more Aussie but people kept pointing and laughing at me, then I woke up.

Answer #5

Most of my dreams are my boyfriend pushing me off a cliff tho I dont no how its my boy friend when I dotn have one^_- lol And another was when deathw as chasing me and we rode a unicorn up to the pink fluffy clouds and then we huged and then I was running away from him and I jumped ova my back gate and he was infront of me and then we gave me another hug


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