Why is it so wierd to sleep with a pillow between your legs?

me and my little sister ( shes 11) both sleep with pillows between our legs and so do some of my friends. its just reallly comfortable. but any time i go to another friends house they act like there somthings rong with it or somthing, i mean does it repersent somthing? or is it just normal?

Answer #1

There’s nothing odd about that, as a matter of fact, it’s recommended when you sleep on your side. It prevents the knees from slipping, causing your back to twist.

Answer #2

then why do ppl make such wierd faces about it like its some kind of sexual thing?

Answer #3

They’re childish

Answer #4

I don’t think it’s weird at all. When my best friend was pregnant, she slept with a pillow between her legs at night because it made her more comfortable. Whatever makes you sleep better is all that should matter. Not what other people think about the way you sleep :)

Answer #5

and its comfy :) i guess some people would think its wiered coz there super sexually orientated?

Answer #6

I don’t think it’s wierd, I think that it makes me sleep better, people might say that but I bet some do it, they just feel that they will be an outcast when they say they do it or something like that.

Answer #7

it’s not.

Answer #8

It’s not weird I can’t sleep without a pillow between my legs.

Answer #9

I think those who sleep like this are really scared of something and to get themselves comfortable they do keep pillows like this.Is it true?

Answer #10

it’s not odd. it’s comfortable. in fact in nursing homes many patients have pillows between there legs to prevent sores.

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