Why do people ( kids ) start cussing right when they get into middle school.. I think its stupid. Is it bcause they think they are cool?? I don’t Cuss I think it makes people sound stupid and dirty.

Answer #1

at first its because they think its cool and they keep doing it because it turns into a habit.

Answer #2

K I ju8st didnt want to start a fight I was wanderin that all

Answer #3

I know I really hate hearing it

Answer #4

I started cussing in elementary.. I cussed because the adults around me cussed so I copied what they did.

Answer #5

Im not saying you guys are stupid Im just sayin how come people do it and the people I go to school with act like they are better bcause they cuss Im not trying to b mean about it

Answer #6

I find people who cuss a lot sound immature and unprofessional, my dad and his friends cuss a lot and it drives me nuts. I’m almost 20 and I still barley ever do.

Answer #7

I dont care what you think about it. I mean you have your opinion I have mine. Just because you posted this question doesnt mean imma stop. I know how to control my mouth. None of the reasons you stated are the reasons why I cuss. So no hard feelings :)

Answer #8

I rarely cuss, but I dont like hearing it either it make’s girls look trashy or guys I hear it a lot from my friends that I hang around with at school and family..

Answer #9

I cuss a lot. I dont even realize im doing it at times. I dont do it because it makes me look “cool” I dont sound stupid or dirty. Im actually very smart & classy. They are just words. Im cool either way :)

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