Why your man looks at other women?

Any opinons, from guys especially helpful. My partner may be in love, and appreciate my looks and our sex life, but when he looks at sexy, attractive women, does he think he would rather be with them than me? Have I failed in making him fall completely, is he unsatisfied and still looking? I appreciate beauty and sexiness too, but I dont look at a hot woman or man with desire on my face ,I just look, because I am in love and dont need to think about f* other men! Is he not in love? Should I leave him because of sign? Help!!

Answer #1

this reminds me of a episode of home impovement… erm early season 2 but anyway

tims wife catches him looking at other women and tim says its like looking at car, that he appreciates beauty in all its forms

when his wife askes if hes happy in teh relationship and loves her and respects her and he says yes to all them questions… she then askes him why, why are you looking at other women? and he cant answer…

so tim goes and askes wilson his neighbour: I love my wife but I cant help looking at other women… and wilson says::

it goes back millions of years that in order for stone age men to survive they must have sort after many different women… and that we still possess, deep down these stone age man feeling of looking for as many mates as possible..

and that a womans is to have a meaningful relationship with just 1 man…

so tim turns round and says.. well if its in my nature to look at women then its ok:

wilson says: yes maybe 100000 years ago running naked across the serengeti with a club chasing a wilder beast…

tim says: no I was in a restaurant with my wife…

and wilson says: well id just call that darn right rude!

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