Why would you want to end your life?

No!! I am not against emos and this question is not meant to put emos down!! - I’ve had my favorite cousin who nearly killed herself, due to her mother cheating on her father, than rejecting for not wanting her, when her parents had a divorce!! - but hey!! She’s 100% okay now!!

But honestly!! Why is it that people want to kill themselves??… I dunno about you, but it makes me sad too hear that people want to take their lives away, just cause life is hard on them, cause honesty, if life bites, you bite back!! =) it makes me sad to think that those kids who live in africa whom are dying due to provety …are fighting for their damn lives!!…while people like us, who have everything, don’t even appreciate life!! Life is a gift, we’ve gotta make it sweet!! So why are there people out there wanting to kill themselves??

Answer #1

Its so much more then that. These people have reached the lowest level and they feel as though they have nowhere else to go. It isn’t just caused by one event, its things happening over and over again. They feel they have nowhere else to turn, they feel if they were gone nobody would care or even notice. They feel like nobody would miss them, and they have no reason to live. These people get made fun of everyday, everything they do is wrong, nothing they ever do is right, they get put down for everything they do. They feel so worthless they don’t even know any reason to live. They try and talk to people about it but nothing good ever comes out of it. They want to get help, but they cant afford a counselor or someone to help them. Depression takes over and leads them to death.

Answer #2

Emo is music. Emo is a style. Emo does not mean suicidal, they are two different things. Please differentiate.

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