Why would college admissions see chat sites and funadvice?

I hear that college admissions check out students’ chat site profiles like ( spelled backwards) koobecaf. Do they only check out those sites or would they also check out funadvice profiles?

Answer #1

well these days some kids and tend tend to act slutty and have slutty pics among other things like bullying or abusing people over the net, having revealing photos, doing/talking about illegal things, bad mouthing your work or school, and even having revealing pictures of you in your school uniform (like one girl who was on ther news and got kicked out of schjool for that) ect lots of schools and jobs now google you to see one or some of your social site profiles so they can see what kind of person you are and if your doing bad things, like abusing people, illegal things or revealing pictures of you in your uniform ect, they will decide wether or not they want you at there school

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