why would a man have a small towel under his pillow?

why would he need a towel under his pillow?

Answer #1

Lol, masturbates, for sure. The statistic is that 97% of men masturbate and the other 3% lie! xD

Answer #2

Maybe If He Has Headaches It Helps Them When He Sleeps, Dunno .

Answer #3

do you think its cus he masturebates? and I dont him that person…I heard it from from lol.

Answer #4

maybe the A.C. is broken… and he’s sweatin a lot maybe he cries when he sleeps maybe he just does it for no reason maybe … maybe … maybe… why not ask him???

Answer #5

lol either for wiping his nose on or for cleaning up if he masturbates in bed

Answer #6

so that he can clean up when he’s done jerking off.

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