How can i get my parents to listen to me?

My parents will NOT listen to me; ANYTHING i do, ANYTHING i try to do, they will not...How do i get them to UNDERSTAND AND LISTEN!?!?!?

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Just do your best and remember 1) 'this too will pass' and 2) 'you can't demand respect, it musy be earned'.

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Down the road, you'll be saying similar things about your teenager/s - why do they think they know everything ? why do they think they're invincible ?....whatever the subject, approach them calmly, with respect (non-confrontational manner), and make your case....I wish you the best !!

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i say have a camle talk with explianing that they need to listen to u they may not like it at first but thats because they dont want to amit that u are growing up and that u may be right and they cant be right all the time and if u want to try somthing u have to exprice it to see if its acuttaly worth doing good luck

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Okay, I've done EVERYTHING. No my parents are seriously strict&overprotective. I'm going to be 16 in 2 months. They need to let go a little bit. Seriously. I'm flipping out over this...they make me insane. And no, I'm going to be a good mom, and I will never do this to my kids. I don't knowww. I'm so mad. I do respect them, I do A LOT for them, and I never get it in return.

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ok girl your parents sound like mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!! every lil thing your parnts mine do to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so we can od this togather there really aint nothing we can do but we can try to not listen to them you know do to them what there doin to us!! or we just tell them that once our 18th b-day come we are soo out and we are never comein back!!! or just keep on sayin 2 more yrs!!!!!!!!!!!!! just to more yrs of this!!!!!!! just try one of them and see if it work's good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hope i help'ed a little!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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But its not her job to show that she doesn't trust her daughter, thats the last thing a daughter wants to hear from her parent. Don't shove useless consequences in your daughters face. I am 14 and I feel that having parents disappointed with me is much worse then consequences. You can snoop if you like put DO NOT overdo it. Thats when you start loosing the respect and trust from your troop and that dangerous territory. Just watch her for a while and talk to her calmly..DO NOT cut her off..EVER!! If there is one thing that I can tell you from my experiences, it is to listen to her and see everything in her eyes before you act. Hope this helps..

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First off, they don't have to listen to you, but.....
Try telling them in a letter, and explain everything, let me know how it goes!

How do I get my parents to listen to me?
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Whoops wrong question to post that..just ignore that..hehe.

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Just you listen to them?

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