Why wont my boyfriend ever do anything?

Me and my boyfriend are alone allthe time and when we are he wont do anything other than hold my hand
How can I get him in the mood?
And if he is he wont do anything why?

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He really likes you and doesn't want to mess up the relationship by trying to do sexual things with you. And, plus your only thirteen years old.

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Sounds like he has more common sense then you do. Geez, when I was thirteen I had no intentions of doing anything sexual with a guy, you're still young and there are more important things in life to focus on. Kids nowadays... Barely hit puberty and they're already trying to get into trouble...

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Haha bring him over to your house when nobody is home, and then turn down the lights and put candles out and dress in something really sexy.

if he still doesn't do anything, maybe he just wants to wait to find out if you are the right person or not.


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I understand what she is talking about-and how do you know she is 13?

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