Why wont it let me comfirm my fun advice profil?

I have just signed up to FunAdvice and I have tried two of my e-mail addresses now, and the e-mail from FunAdvice comes through, I click where it says to then it goes to FunAdvice and tells me to upload a photo, so I put a photo of myself on there and it went to my profil and said I need to comfirm my e-mail for FunAdvice, what do I do now? Because I just want to get it to work!

Thanks everyone x

Answer #1

Hmmm,well first heeyaa and its never happened to me befoe the only thing that might work is that you log off and try again sorry if im no help I really havent got a clue,I hope it starts to work soon though because you seem really cool!!


Answer #2

Seems to have been sorted, your account shows as active in our system :)

Answer #3

Interesting…I’ll notify an admin.

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