Why won't my period start?

I am 13 years old and my period still hasnt started. WHEN WILL IT START!?!?!?!?

Answer #1

before I got my period, I wanted it so bad. I dont know why actually. but when I got it, wasnt what I expected. the redness of the blood, the smell, eurgh. talk about it with your mum, itll be fun. I did. be patient, just wait for it.

Answer #2

its seem LIKE you want to have your period.


but you will soon get it in your teen years, just wait and see.

Answer #3

I didnt get mine untill I was 15 every girl is different and some girls never get one so I would wait a couple more years if you dont get one by 15 I would talk to a doctor just in case but enjoy not having one some can be very painful

Answer #4

It may be a while im almost 15 and I havent started anyways I wouldnt want to be worrying about it so much cause it sucks

Answer #5

ask your mom how old was she when hers started bc you start at the same age as your mom does. be glad you dont have a period bc its gross. my mom started at age 11 and so did I and my sis. its in your genes when stuff starts. hope this helps

Answer #6

My mom’s friend didn’t get hers until she was 18… and then my friend got hers at 12. So its not entirely true that mothers and daughters get them at the same time.

I wouldn’t worry too much. It sucks anyways. I get really sick on mine, like to the point where I can’t sleep or walk, but I shake and get hot and cold spells. Plus I get depressed.

Live it up before you get it dear, its no fun.

Answer #7

if you don’t get your period by age 16 see a doctor…

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