Why won't my memory card work?

I have an 8GB micro SD card and it has always worked fine. But recently I put it in my dsi and put some pictures on it, and since that it hasn’t worked. When I put it into my phone it says there isn’t a memory card inserted and when I put it into my computer it says the same. Is there anything I can do to get it to show up again? Thanks (:

Answer #1

I would say it’s corrupted, which can happen from any type of moisture, if you stick it in your computer and nothing comes up then its basically a chuck of plastic.

Chances are one of the modules cracked/burned or some moisture got into it, even mist from sneezing too close to it can do it.

I feel your pain though, I ordered a 4gb 6x micro SD for my girlfriend’s dsi (and a modification that allows me to put games/movies/music and play over DSi), about $60 for a speed card, girlfriend sneezed on it 2 days later and its fried.

Answer #2

how do I format it? :/

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