Why young girls are obsessed with losing a huge amount of weight?

Why are there so many young young girls on here obsessed with losing a huge amount of weight?

It is really sad to see young ladies on here who are already skin and bones, or at a very healthy weight say that they want to lose 30 pounds or more. And they want to lose it fast.

Not only is it sad, but it really undermines people who do need to lose weight. For instance, I am 5’3 and weigh 160 pounds. To be healthy, I should lose at least 20 pounds… and then even if I work hard and accomplish that goal (which would make me very happy) it still wouldn’t be enough to meet these girls’ standards.

Not that I’m trying at all to meet these standards. It just breaks my heart to see girls feeling ugly at such a young age.

Answer #1

I lost 3 stone after I had my 3rd child and I am much happier xx

Answer #2

ya I get what you guys are saying but those girls in the movies are all biches you should just be yourself

Answer #3

I agree with you 100%, I dont think it matters at all what you look like on the outside, it matters what is in the inside. young girls these days are put under pressure that they have to look like a beauty model to be beautiful. it sickens me.

Answer #4

Well I suppose I’m young (16 next month) I’m not trying to lose a huge amount of weight, I just want to lose 4 inchs around my waist so that its flat but I think its all about the media

Answer #5

Society sends the message hard, ‘to be attractive’ you MUST look thin - through tv, movies, ads, peer pressure, etc. - making it seem only the outside counts and only a certain profile will make you popular/attractive/acceptable…sad.

Answer #6

yeah but how flat does it have to go for you to be happy? Your’e 16… you have a lot of growing and maturing to do still, and if you’re flat, you will look like a boy instead of a healthy woman…

Not saying that your goals are specifically what I’m trying to target here they could be well within reason. I’m just saying that there’s a lot of time left for you and these other girls to worry about that. you should just be trying to make the most out of high school.

By the way if you want to lose inches around your waist, try doing tae bo… the cardio will help burn the fat from that area and all the kicks and crunches they do will help tone that area.

Answer #7

yeah there is a bunch that we can blame on the media, but what about other roles that should be blamed?

where are the loving parents who should be reinforcing a good self image to their children?

I know I have a problem because my mom always had a poor self image, and now that I am close to her weight, I feel poorly about myself. the sense of failure is just reinforced by the media, but it doesn’t stem from it.

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