Why should I become a Laywer, Pros and Cons?

Should I become a Lawyer? My mom is one, and I think it is a good job for me. What are the Pros and cons of becoming a lawyer?

ie. salary, people,…

Answer #1

There are too many kinds of lawyers to do a basic pro con list. Some earn a lot of money, some are struggling. Some work long hours, some dont. There’s different areas of law, so even that is dependent on what you’re interested in.

Go to this site and do a search, it will give you more information on median salaries, skills needed etc. http://online.onetcenter.org/

You can also enter in your skills and do a search for what jobs will match those skills. Oh and you’ve got plenty of time. When you start your undergraduate degree, do a pre-law track. See if you like it. If you dont, you can always explore other options

Answer #2

pros- usually have a high salary cons- their schedule/hours maybe weird, could work long hours which could take away from family time

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