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Why religion shouldnt be in science?

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Well I think religious people should be given the opportunity to prove their case. If science is what a lot look toward for explanations then logically religions should apply to science to prove their beliefs. The assumption you cant test god since you cant see god you cant prove he exists. My thought you dont see a murder when you investigate the murder happens so now you have to find proof that a murder happened. So really judging that you have to see something happen in order for it to happen is not true. Evidence left after it happens will prove that it happens so in my view religious people should be able to make a case using science. Dening them that is just wrong and also implying they cant show that something happened that you didnt see happen is possible because theirs evidence it did happen.

My questions

Why deny religious people the chance to prove their religion through science?

Why make a argument if I dont see it didnt happen when theres a lot that goes on everyday we dont see but happen?

Make your argument why religion cant be proven through science