Why or is a hairy vagina a turn off 4 guys?

I was wondering because even im uncomfortable with it...what do you think. I mean I shave it but its still gross

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Hairy is great!!

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ewwwie hariiy is bad

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nice lol

How do guys like hair down there?
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I love a hairy bush.

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I think that guys who like women to be shaved bald are guys who like children a little too much! A woman gets a bush after hitting puberty. A guy who wants the woman to look like she hasn't had puberty yet, that's just SICK!!!!!!!!!!

In some countries, they actually have hair stylists who will groom and style a bush :-) That's just too cool!!!!! I wish that would take off in the US of A too.

Vagina shaving
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Sheven smooth is the norm these days, but it sure it a nice change of pace to be with a girl who either just trims, or let's it grow naturally.

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it doesnt matter if its shaved or natural a real man likes pussy

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