Why my face is oily and have many pimpals?

I have pimpals so I wanna remove my pimpals from my face and beee the handsomeee.

Answer #1

drink lots of waterrr. && to get rid of my pimples. I get 3 asprins couple drops of visin eyedrops, or something with redness relief mix together to get a paste.. you may add one more asprin if needed, apply to the activity on your face let dry and wash off with warm waterrr. it helps me!

hope I helped…

x a v I a a a

Answer #2

Make sure you use natural face washes every night,, and a scrub every week, every second time you wash your face, use moisturiser to prevent the BAD OILS from clogging up your skin,, its better to have moisturiser on then oil!! PS,, When you use the scrub, moisturise!! ~Sheraden

Answer #3

Eat better, drink lots of water, wash your face regularly..

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