Why isn't he giving any sign?

We had an amazing weekend together, everything seemed to go well..but now he doesn’t call or text.I’m really confused! we used to text all the time…We had sex but whole weekend we were acting like a typical couple..Holding hands, kissing, hugging , he was kissing me on my forehead.. going for a walk..going to a restaurant, for drinks..he even met my friends. He said he’s really into me. He lives in another city so he had to leave eventually on Sunday. At the end he said that he wishes he wouldn’t have to go, then he hugged me…it was a really long hug. After a while after he left, he sent me a text saying ‘traffic is terrible, I miss You’ and that was his last message..no sign for 2 days..I don’t understand..Was he such a good actor or maybe something happened to him?! I have never been in such situation before..I honestly don’t know what to think.plus I really like this guy. Do You think that he just used me? I was so confused that I tried texting him on Monday but he wouldn’t answer..I really don’t get his behavior..we seemed to get on so well..he promised to come and visit me again next week..as well as he invited me to his hometown..was it all fake?!Maybe sth bad happened to him?! I really can’t get my head around it..

Answer #1

‘’Was he such a good actor?’’


‘’Do you think that he just used me?’’


‘’Was it all fake?’’


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