Why is this girl so mean?

Theres this girl at my high school, who hates me for no reason. I didn’t do anything to her, but shes made up so many lies about me and tried to turn my friends against me. She said I stuff my bra with tissues which I dont and she said that I have a porn website! I think she just lies for attention but her lies she tells are so far fetched. She knows that nobody likes her for what she does, but the only person she seems to be mad at is me, even though I’ve done nothing to her.

Answer #1

I have to go with Yurika. But I have to ask…are you intimidated by her, and if so, does it show?? Because I could be wrong but I sense she sees a weakness along with her own hang-up (jealousy). Most people don’t just screw with someone they are intimidated by, it’s usually the other way around. Don’t take this wrong, but toughen up a bit. But with a nice edge:) Eventually you’re going to get enough and that will happen. Hopefully sooner than later. I’d say good luck, but I know you’re gonna be okay and saying good luck sometimes sounds like you’re gonna need it..if that makes any sense at all to you.

Answer #2

She digs you!! She a lesbian! Run! not that I have anything against lesbians and gays but I think she has a thing for you…either that or she is jealous because you probably have more friends. Thats what happened to me this girl started making up random crap about me and kept calling me bad names. Just because I said hey to her! BUT EVERYBODY KNEW SHE WAS A DRAMA STARTER. she LOVES it!

But yea either shes jealous, she is a lesbian, or she likes the drama. she could also be intimidated by you and she probably feels threatened by you. she feels you are competition or something. Hope that helped a little! But you should confront her about this.

Answer #3

people like that normally look like a baboons arse and get off by teasing the prettier girls…

if shes saying that you stuff your bra with tissue can I presume your boobs are pretty big and hers are, erm, smaller than yours…?

shes jealous of you I think. I could be wrong but thats the impression I get.

just ignore the gobby lil child

Answer #4

did you ask her what the hell is her problem??? try it, or just ignore her, one day she´ll stop teasing you.

Answer #5

envy shes dont like you because your being your self its stupid and it shows what an immature little girl she is I would say the B word but I cant lol , I would stand up to her and let her know you aint being played with anymore :)

Answer #6

She’s jealous.

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