Why is this creeper calling me?

Someone has been calling my house for the past four days and all that comes up on the caller ID is “no number” and when I pick up I’m like “Hello? … Hello?” and then the person hangs up. The last time they called (about half an hour ago) I heard the person breathing. Not like super heavy or anything, but it’s still really creepy. I don’t even know why this person is doing this. How can I find out who’s calling and make them stop?

Answer #1

Please don’t say you know someone who is a cop etc. They’ll just think you’re bullsh’tting. At least, I would if someone said that to me.

Just make them part of your daily entertainment.

And one day when you’re elderly you might actually crave a telephone stalker for a bit of entertainment.

Answer #2

You should answer and warm hem them you work or know someone who is a cop and if they do that one more time they will call the cops on them and track them.

Answer #3

enjoy it play with them back, make it as a game or consider changing your number. it has to be someone who knows you since there calling u. I hate. bunch of dum azzes

Answer #4

You could ask them if they know any good jokes. If they’re going to phone you they might as well entertain you.

Answer #5

Call your phone company and see if they are able to track the number down, if they’re able to - have them block it from calling them. Let them know what the problem is and they may take it to the police.

Good Luck!

ps. same thing has been happening to me,im doing the same thing

Answer #6

dude *69 them

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