Why is there a bump inside my lip around my lip piercing?

I got my lip pierced a week ago and I clean it as directed. Now I noticed a bump formed around my piercing inside my mouth. It doesn’t hurt but its kinda hard. I was just wondering if this normal?

Answer #1

it’s the scar from the piercing,it’s normal..it’ll go down once everything is healed I promise.

Answer #2

its a polyp/keloid,I had the same thing about 3 months after I had mine done. I went to my piercer and they said just do sea salt soaks a lot. eventually it went away but took a few months. at the time they told me give it a few weeks if no improvement they would have had 2 remove the post and cut off the lump and wait for it to heal and there was no guarantee if the hole would still be open.

Answer #3

its probably a keloid they can take a few months to heal so if it is you just have to leave it and wait but you should also ask your piercer

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