why is the UFC legal?

it is very barbaric and I personally find the fact that big brands like harley davidson red bull and powerade sponsor this nonsense sport

Answer #1

If you have any questions ask please. I would like to know any concerns. And help people understand the sport.

Answer #2

I have no clue. It shouldn’t be legal. It’s disgusting, and I’ll never watch it.

Answer #3

Because its a legal sport. There are rules to make it safe for the fighters. There are more deaths in boxing per year than mma. There has never been a death in mma inside the ring. The nevada state athletic comission comissions every fight that takes. Same with boxing.

Answer #4

Its a lot safer than boxing. There is no 8 count. If your hurt or the ref sees your not properly defending yourself he will stop it. The rounds only last 5 minutes and there are only 3 of them. Unlike boxing were there are sometimes up to 12 rounds.

Answer #5

beacuse it is.. is the answer to that, if you like it you like it and if you don’t you don’t. theres been no deathes in the MMA/UFC.

Answer #6

seriously you think UFC should be illegal haha thats funny. have you ever seen boxing? hello?? boxing is more dangerous than UFC. UFC is more controlled, fighters have better abilities, and have more respect for one another.

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