Why is the skin around my vagina a different colour

The skin around my vagina is a darker colour than my skin. Why is this?
Does any one else have this?

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I love the contrast of the different colors down there, it makes every woman special and unique, you have nothing to worry about- you are fine, and NORMAL and UNIQUE.

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Yes, it''s normal. a lot of girls differ in color in that area.

Also every girl is different with different shapes, sizes and colors down there, so it's nothing to worry about.

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its normal
quite a few people with darker skin colour have skin thats darker on there vagina
sometimes it can even be as dark as black
its completely normal, dont worry

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alll the girls I beeen wit was darker down their compare to their skin color ...tooo me I think its normall...is it normal???

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I'm not sure if it is normal by your description; post a pic and I'll let you know

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Mines dark it changed from a dark pink to a dark brown. I am hispanic you would think it would have always been dark. Though no. I got older I had a kid we (as woman) get our hormones and that is why the color changes.

You SHOULD NOT bother to listen to some of the perverts on here.

You dont need creams you will only hurt yourself.

IF by chance your vagina is burning, itching, or irritated then and only then would I suggest you get yourself checked out.

Or if your just not comfortable with a doctor GET OVER IT. Get your pap like me, Im fine trust me you all fine. Who cares what guys like, if they understood half the anatomy of their own body they would be amazed at our own.

The color of your race or ethnicity doesnt matter, you can be white, asian, hispanic, black, green.. what ever.. Your age and your hormones ladies.

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