Why is my vagina really fat at the top?

I have a really fat vagina at the top im scared of it beacuse I am only 15 and im scared to loose my virginity to anyone because im scared of being laughed at by my first boyfriend because of my fat vag please someone give me a tip to get rid ot it??

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ok heres the thing... a fat vagina is totally hot and sexy in most guys eyes. but it shouldnt matter what most guys think anyway, because you have to love yourself fist before you worry about what someone else thinks. I have a fat vagina myself and im very proud and happy with it... my boyfriend loves it and previous sexual partners before me were very pleased. it gives more cushin' for the pushin' if you know what I mean... plus it makes a tighter fit for the penis. and in the future, your vagina will start to change when having sex and those lips will keep the even more "unmentionables" tucked away. so, be happy wit your fatty because most chicks who have any sense WISH THEY HAD IT BABE!!!

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me to im so scard to give my virginity and I am 22years old.I think my vagina,is to FAT,I worry that if I get with someone he wont like it or think I have been with lots of men.I do lots of exercises for the(PC)parts BUT my CAT still is FAT.is the bad with a girl with a fat vagina?

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whoever said guys hate camel toes is sadly mistaken, every guy i know including myself, love girls with camel toe.

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Guys hate camel toes but its just tubby fat normally so it'll go...good luck
before I had it with my boyfriend he told me he didnt care if I had 1 or not so dont worry

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wen u break ur virginity, it will be with someone who cares (i hope). therefore they wont laugh.

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lol...sweetie!!! there is nothing wrong with a chubby kitty...in fact, that is perfectly normal! its just more protection and cushion for the very sensitive organs within! love your fat cat baby doll!

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I have one too.. I dislike it so much.. My boyfriend doesn't seem to mind.. I feel so selfconcious when I wear bathing suits.. But if you show that you are self concious to your boyfriend/ mate.. no one likes someone who is self concious.. just try to love your body, you have to accept that you arent perfect.. There will always be somthing wrong with your body, just try to look at the better side.. Like a nice butt? or pretty eyes? or nice skin? ect.. I hope this help... Fun mail me if you want?

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oh my bad soz didnt no

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Please dont think that having a fat vag is a bad thing! Believe me... Me and many other guys often find ourselves talking about a nice fat vagine, When we say that, we mean the labia majora or puffy outter lips. IF a girl has fat inner minora lips then that is pretty gross and most likely she is having sex like a rabbit. But me personally look for girls that have a nice fat vagine! Too me that is very sexy and for a girl to have a small one is a turn off. If I were a girl I would show my big cam off all the time!

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mine is like that and I don't really care, I never really have.

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well whoever u want to loose ur virginity too shouldnt care about tht. he should luv u.
now besides tht it seems like u have a camle toe...and alot of guys think thts hott.
so dnt worry lol
good luk

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lol,its alright.
mines like that too
Its just fatty tissue that helps protect your vagina.
Its perfectly Normal.
if your worried about it,
try dieting or google ways to get rid of it.
Its called a Cameltoe

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ok all of you are just being dumb lol exept this girl at above me shes right about why its called a camel toe and yeah all guys love that and if they dont its cool cause every guy likes something different so dont worry we wont laugh and if its still worries you just satrt runing this fatty tissue will get smaller it wont go away completely but it might help you feel less concious and either way were pervs so if you find a guy that doesnt like it he gay lmao besides it makes sex better more friction...

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I know im young, but im 13 and im so self consious about this. I have the same problem and obviously I aint gonna have sex the now, but im just so scared! cause guys dont like this and it ruins my whole body.I HATE IT and I just want it to go away. is there anything I can do apart from diet cause it dosent work and I dont think im gonna ask my mum for surgery on my vagina:P PLEASE someone help cause im freaking out..and the people who say guys love cammel toes! are you being serious:O no they dont they hate it and so do I...

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HAHA its NOT called a CAMELTOE. a cameltoe is when you wear super tight pants so that you can see your vagina through the clothes cause your pants ride up and it looks like a camels toe. XD weird people these days. here go on youtube.
and watch the CAMELTOE SONG! it will tell you ALLL about it. :)

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There are so many answers but none have truly explained to me, because I am young, only 14 and I to ohave a big vagina. It bugs me because I know that all my friends dont have this problem...all of them have normal ones, the flat ones...But It PISSES ME OFF!! I hate it so much. It makes me so unconfortable. I have tried dieting, I have tried and it didnt seem to work. I know that this proably only happened because I am overwieght...thats what I always say. And I have talked about losing my viginity but I dont think the guy will accept me. I hate when I see pictures or anything with girls who have flat vaginas, because thats what starting making me think...like this. I hate it so much it ruins my body, and I have a question: WHY DO YOU GUYS THINK ITS SO HOT?!?! TO HAVE A BIG THING DOWN THERE...I MEAN WHEN I WEAR JEANS, OR JUST UNDERWEAR IT LOOKS LIKE IM THE ONE WITH A BIG PACKAGE DOWN THERE!!?!?...I hate it so much I wish it would just shrink!!! noW!!! its too big!!! UHHH!!! helpp!!! advise not to make me feel better but just to get it away!!!

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Really, its no big deal. Dont worry about what boys think about it. You are you, and you dont have to change for ANYONE. Im the same way you are, and I just let it go, its no big deal..its a natural thing, and a lot of girls are like this. Its nothing to worry about. Just be yourself!


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Honestly, I am about to turn 21. I have been with a few guys and everyone said they loved the extra cushion for the pushin. YOU CAN'T CHANGE your vagina. I would rather have mine chubby then look like it's insides are falling out. I think that bony vaginas are a turn off, they can look beat up a bit. Everyone has their preference, but you can not change your vagina. Plus I use to hate myself for it and wore underwear while doing it. With age I embrace it.

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Aight so I came here to know how to get rid of that thing too lol coz I got em fat kitty too.... im virgin and idk if its a turn on for guys coz ive only showed my kitty once by sending a pic to my ex.. he loved it but im not sure if he'll love it in person... I hate having cameltoes too... everytime I wear bikini underwears or leggings theres this bump thing between my thigh lol and I feel so uncomfortable.. im really fucking consious and shy coz my kitty is fat tho my weight is only 53 and my height is 5'5 and I always work out and exercise for our vball match but still.. I have this fat kitty

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