Why is my period not here?

Ok so Im like 2 or more months late. I haven’t had sex, but I’ve been close with my boyfriend. Do I have anything to worry about? Is it possible that when you work out too much and don’t eat a lot, that your period will be gone? That might be a possibilty. thanks:)

Answer #1

u need 2 eat alittle more food that how you makethe blood. once you do you wil see it will com back like you just got yor period 4 the first time in all yor life. it happened 2 me once.

Answer #2

Depending on how close you have been with him, it is actually possible for a girl to get pregnant if the boy ejaculates near to the entrance to the vagina, without penetration occurring. It is best to do a pregnancy test to be sure.

Answer #3

Theres is a condition called amennorhea that happens when you do not have enough body fat to support ovalation or pregnancy so your body doesn’t send out an egg.

Hope that helped :)

Answer #4

Yup. You totally need to eat some food, and you can exercise only so much.

But if you’ve had no intercourse, pregnancy is out of the question.

But it could be gone because if you quit taking in so much nutrition your body starts to shut down organs… Your Ovaries aren’t an essential part of your well-being so your period goes first, if you continue to not eat and exercise after your period goes away, aside from weightloss you’ll notice your hair and nails starting to become brittle. Your body automatically redirects all those proteins and vitamins that would keep your skin looking healthy and your ovaries from ovulating, it redirects them to your important vital organs like your lungs and heart.

its why anorexic people have no periods, their hair doesn’t look healthy, neither does their skin…

the fight to be skinny, I don’t get it.. all real men like curves!

Answer #5

If you’ve been regular in the past and recently you’ve changed your diet and exercise routine and now your period is missing, that might be the culprit if you have no reason to suspect a pregnancy.

If you suspect a pregnancy it’s always wise to take a test just to be sure.

If your period is MIA for another cycle I’d contact your health care physician or gynecologist for further advice.

xox Sika

Answer #6

I think its possible that if you dont eat a lot and your doin a lot of exercise it may not stop your periods but if your really skinny it can cause you not to have your period.

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