Why is my hair so flaky, itchy and greasy?

I wash my hair in the morning, and by the end of the day, my hair has dandruff, and is greasy at the roots. It is also very itchy. I wash my hair regularly, but this is fruserating me. Does anyone know of a good shampoo and conditioner to use, or anything else to try?

Answer #1

Dear Rebecca22, Molten Brown is the cure for this matter, Do you have any moles on your head? if so go to your doctor and he shall explain. Good Luck!

Answer #2

You may be washing too often, which could be drying out your scalp. I used to have that problem. Now I don’t wash my hair as frequently. When I do wash my hair, I use T/Gel by Neutrogena. You may have a medical condition to cause the skin to slough off more than normal.

Answer #3

I use head and shoulders in the dark pink bottle and it really helps, it also makes your hair really smooth, shiny, and it smells good.

Answer #4

wash your hair once a day and dont use any product because it makes your hair nasty…lol

Answer #5

I use treseme shampoo and conditioner mabey dont use any or little product x

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