Why is my friend not sitting next to me on the bus anymore?

My friend has been my friend since we were 5. We are now 15, and my friend has always sat next to be and talked to me all the time. For a while now, he has started to talk to other people now and I feel left out. Please help.

Answer #1

People grow up and forge new friendships. It’s what we do. :) You should try it- don’t depend on him for your sole source of friendship; you’re more than entitled (and capable) of forming new relationships. You’re older now… people change.

But most importantly, talk to him about it.

Answer #2

thanks you guys for the advice! like my friend is a very shy person but we both have other friends of our own. Lately he has sorta been different though, like on some days he will talk to me and stuff, but other days he will be very quiet and will only talk to this one other kid that he’s been talking to a lot. It’s just that this year in school, we have only one class together and I feel that he is starting to drift away.

Answer #3

Some of my friends where like that when we all left primary to go to secondary school, it’s sad to lose relationships like that. But you can’t expect him to be with you all the time and never make new friends. = [ Try and talk to him about it, tell him that he doesn’t have to be with you all the time, you just don’t want to lose your friendship.

Answer #4

Ten years sitting next to the same person? Wow.

I’m with Jezzelin. Cast your net a bit wider.

Answer #5

make new friends and dont be so dependant on just one, or a few… people change, so you gotta let go

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