Why is my cat so clingy to me?

My cat is, like twoish years old. I got her from the ASPCA seven months ago for my brithday. For the past month my cat has been super clingy. If im on my laptop, she almost always comes in and lays right on the keyboard so I cant do anything. (right now shes right on my feet) If iim on my cell or texting, she knocks it out of my hands. If I go to take a shower, she’ll sit right on the sink and wait. She follows me around my house. And she sleeps with me every night. If I’m sick, she wont leave my side at all. If I’m playing with my siblings she’ll sit on my feet and claw at me until I pet her. I dont know if she just loves me a lot, or if shes sick or something. Does anyone know why shes so clingy?

Answer #1

well she could just love you or maybe she needs to be fixed useally thats why cats do that

Answer #2

It could be just because she loves you and just is happy to see ya!! My cat is very clingy too and when I’m in my room with the door shut she will meow until I let her in or pick her up. I know what you mean but she is probably just really likes u.

Answer #3

I got my cat from an animal shelter when he was three months old, and he’s the exact same way. He follows me everywhere meowing constantly, gently bites me to ‘remind’ me he’s there if I am ignoring him, sits on the sink while I brush my teeth and perches on the side of the tub while I take a bath. It can be pretty overwhelming, but sweet too. What breed of cat is your cat, if you know? Mine is a Siamese and they are known for this type of behavior, as are other breeds. It may also be what everyone else has said, she adores the fact that she found someone to love and take care of her and she’s just showing her appreciation. :)

Answer #4

if you got her from aspca then she has probably never been loved or has every haven anyone care for her. shes not sick she just loves you. and the reason she lays by your side when your sick and doesnt hardly leave?? because animals can sence things so she knows your sick and wants to be there for you…awww:)

Answer #5

I have the same prob. with my sisters cat…it’s always meowing and trying to get my attention…it’s simply just because it’s not getting enough attention or because it wants something (a treat, to go out side, etc.)

Answer #6

Do you know what happened before that led to her being brought to the ASPCA? Neglect or other abuse? It seems to me like she’s attached to you and just wants your attention, since I’m assuming you’re giving positive attention and love that she didn’t have with her previous owners.

I personally wouldn’t be too worried about it.

Answer #7

wow I wish my cat was like that!!! plus it could be a angel! CAT!!$^%$#!!!

Answer #8

wow im srry she was probebly abused before too you know!!

Answer #9

shes already fixed. thanks though.

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