Why is my brother still being a baby?

Okay..I’m seriously on the verge to punching my brother, not even kidding. I was looking for the house phone & my brother had it in his room..so he decided to be mr. cool & throw it on the other side of his bed. So I jump on his bed & land on my belly reaching for the phone, so then he pushes me off the bed & I ACCIDENTLY kicked him in the face. Not even hard enough to hurt a baby, so I’m laying there on the floor trying to get up, then he stands up on his bed, jumps down & lands on his butt on the bed, with his feet kicking me & knocking the wind out of me. So there my mom was standing right behind him acting like he didn’t do a dang thing. So my mom yells at me & tells me to get the phone & get out & that I’ve only got2 freaking minutes on the phone. There I am laying on the floor crying, trying to get my breath back. And all my brother says is that I’m a baby for crying. I’m SO tired of my mom sticking up for her little baby. He’s 12 years old for pity sakes. My mom & dad don’t listen to me when I tell them he’s being annoying & he’s bothering me. They say- “& I’m sure you don’t act like that.” What am I supposed to do?!?!!!???!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Answer #1

tell him, immaturity, is not cool. and it’s not going to get him anywhere. if your parent’s don’t listen, treat him somewhat the way he treats you. don’t let him use the phone, be mean to him constantly, or totally ignore his existance. but remember, he’s still a kid- and a boy, they go through an awkward stage.

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