Why is it that when you die you become more famous?

I was listening to “Everyone Loves you When You’re Dead” by Vains Of Jenna, and I thought about how true it is. Like look at Kurt Cobain. If he wouldn’t have died when he did Nirvana wouldn’t have been as popular as it is right now. And there is also Dimebag Darrel, he is more famous now then he was when he was living. So my question is why is it that when yo pass away you get more fame?

Answer #1

well, for like artists and stuf fits usually because nobody will accept them because they’re different, and only after they’ve died people start to accept them and their art becomes wanted and loved, like vincent van gogh. bt thts prob the same for everything. people are comfortable with the music or anything they like, so do not really accept new styles…

Answer #2

oh wow lol I didnt even think about micheal jackson when I thought of getting more fame by dying.. but thats probably because I never liked him lol but yea its soo true

Answer #3

I guess because when you hear that person has died, you become more interested in them. Like with Michael Jackson for example. After his death all of a sudden people are buying his albums. It is kinda weird but it’s true.

Answer #4

I think that people often go years and years without recognizing someones success. When a person passes away, people hold things and ceremonies in memory of that person. When they do that, they realize just how much that person has done through the years. It becomes a big thing and the artist usually gets a lot more recognition then.

It’s nice, when you think about it, but it’s also a shame at the same time.

Answer #5

If you were an assassinator or a big criminal!

Answer #6

yea its deffinetly a shame that you have to die to be recognized for all the good things you did

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