Why is it that guys dont like me?

Almost my whole life guys have either just wanted to be friends with me or they were intested in some other girl.there was only one guy that realy liked me.but he was exteremly wierd,he was cool and all but he was a pervert,and he got a little obsessed:(other than that guys just seem to avode me.im not wierd or anything like that and im not ugly im typicly normal when it comes to looks some guys say im pretty but I know its just cause there being nice.I just want to know what im doing wrong?

Answer #1

I have that problam too, don’t worry you are not doing anything wrong. Ask your friends if they think you should change your apperence or whatever. Find a guy who won’t judge you for your looks. If he’s ugly then ask your girls what they think you should do. :) best of luck

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