Why is it so hard to find a boyfriend and keep him?

I dont understand why I struggle so hard to find a guy to like or love me I dont know what it is about me im just being me im nice I need advice how to improve my selfasteem any help one here please?

Answer #1

I maybe young but I have had boyfriends and lost them at the same time… and yes I have had the point where I hate myself and I jsut want to change myself… but then I thought to my self you cant be looking for a guy the right guy willl find you… like I just got out of a two year realation ship and now I am singalbut I am not looking for a guy I thruly beleive that the right guy is out there for me. and you as welll…(keep your head up and dont tear your self dow)

Answer #2

I think you need to tell the full story here, you earlier asked if you were pregnant and then something about having a fight with your boyfriend etc. Tell the whole story that way people can help you better.

All I will tell you now is that you need the help of your friends and loved ones, go talk to them, tell them what happened, ask for help. Right now you need more emotional support than what someone on the internet can provide. (Though that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ask :) )

Answer #3

Awww Reddie :(

Are you making friends with the right people? if someone treats you like crap, don’t hang out with them…Make friends with other people who are similar to you in personality and character.

If you don’t have many friends, go out and join some social or hobby clubs that you enjoy doing, that way you can meet new friends…the more you chat and interact with people, the more confident you will become in both your interpersonal and communication skills.

Answer #4

Hun I have the same problem, Im 21 and the only guys who actually love me are married. Dont worry if you cant find someone now. Im sure your an amazing gal. Dont base your past relationships on you. Someone will eventually come around and love all of your flaws and advantages.. You should never change for someone for them to like you unless you want to change that about your self.. Just remember I was told this wheni was going threw a break up.. You have to love you for YOU. Before anyone could love you.. I hope that helps. Just dont change for anyone.. Someone will love all of you when its right then you will know hes the one

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